We can’t escape what’s happening right now, but left unchallenged, bad guys win

Mikey Walsh

I find it hard to get through a day without listening to the world destroying itself through bigotry, racism, greed and a constant scream of ‘fake news’ whenever someone hears something they don’t want to hear, whether real or not.

Suddenly a meme, a random blog online, or a picture with a fake quote is an absolute iron clad argument for facts. People seem to forget how bastard easy it is just to open an email account and write up any kind of nonsense just for attention.

You know what fucking pisses me off? When a know-it-all troll on Twitter makes an argument by opening or closing a statement with the word “FACT’ even when it fucking isn’t.

This is really what 2017 has become… you’re either in the wave of people, who fear what you read in The Sun and trying to claim back the 1950s, or the mass, who just look for retweets and watch the world burn without a care.

There are those of us who do what we can and say what we can. Marches cause a fuss for the opposition, and petitions, though coming from a good place, are like passing a piece of paper to Theresa May and asking her to kindly admit to being a cunt – and of course, she isn’t going to do that.

© Gage Skidmore Flickr

We can’t escape what is happening in the world right now, and believe me I would LOVE to just mute the likes of Donald Trump for good and get on with my life. But for society’s sake, we cannot do that. Because left unchallenged, bad guys win…

Be kind. Support those who need it, and please, don’t use Twitter simply for arguing with arseholes – it’s a never-ending chain that will just end up having you tearing your hair out.

Know when you are being faced with a person, who will never understand logic, and don’t give the attention they crave. Remember: the Internet is a huge space and it has a lot of nutters – and some who are paid to be, so know your battles.

Fact check the important news stories you hear and share them with those who are willing to learn and change. And whatever you do, DO NOT tolerate bullies. There is no time for that kind of crap, especially from some nameless hack with a Twitter profile. Block and move on.

If it gets too much for you… LOG OUT. Take the rest of the day away from the crap of social media… call someone. Go and speak to real life people. Put down the phone and go and have fun with people who care about you and can make you laugh.

It feels DAMN good to get some of that!

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