Thank you for being a friend… And talking about safe sex


Alaska, Willam and Jackie Beat chat about the importance of safe sex in a hilarious Golden Girls spoof

The iconic trio of queens, along with Alex Newell, Allusia Alusia, Barbies Addiction, Mayhem Miller and many more, have recreated the joy of The Golden Girls with a special drag twist.

Teaming up with Impulse Los Angeles, the queens discuss the importance of safe sex and taking PrEP adding in their distinctive brand of humour along the way.

“Maybe we should bring some type of protection,” Blanche [Willam] points out while in the queue.

“What kind of protection?” Asks sweet innocent Rose [Alaska].

“Brass knuckles and a doberman pinscher,” chimes in Dorothy [Jackie].

Of course no drag performance would be complete without a song, so the end of the video features an special remix of the Diana Ross classic, I’m Coming Out…. “Have to wrap before you go!”

Watch the hilariously informative clip:

And read more about it at impulsegrp.org

Words Bryan Bernal



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