Review: Ninja Kitchen’s – Ninja Coffee Bar

A damn fine cup of coffee.

It’s fairly safe to say we’re in the middle of a true Coffee renaissance. Every street in every city has coffee on sale in one form or another. From the big chains to the smaller independent businesses, everyone it seems is involved in the java industry.

But that passion for coffee seems to be raising two pretty big concerns for many people. Firstly; It’s darn expensive – £3 a day for lattes add up. Think Money estimated that heavy coffee drinkers (we’re talking 20 a month) will spend around £580 a year on the delicious substance. And secondly, it’s a bit of a daunting world. If you’re trying to avoid spending money in the shops you’ll need to get to grips with making coffee at home. Most of the time this boils down to (sorry) god awful freeze dried instant coffee, a basic cafetiere or those incredibly wasteful pod things. Seriously, they’re not good for the environment.

Enter the Ninja Coffee Bar, a nifty little creation that will appeal to both kitchen gadget aficionados and coffee fans. A simple set up that produces tasty results but doesn’t cost the earth.

The concept is a pretty simple, the Ninja Coffee Bar is a home brewing system that’s as easy to use as possible, but also has the capacity to produce a variety of drinks in a number of sizes.

We hate to say it, but we’ve all become spoilt for choice when it comes to our beverages. Anyone who has ever asked their colleagues if they’d like a coffee after lunch, will most likely have had orders for flat whites, latte’s, iced latte’s, macchiatos, espresso and piccolos thrown at them.

We think the folks over at Ninja have also had to deal with that situation – the machine itself boasts the ability to produce regular coffee (A classic brew or a stronger, more deep rich brew), coffee over ice and, with it’s special frother gadget, a variety of milky drinks too.

The whole set up comes with a little booklet designed with the layman in mind but the results are tasty no matter your skill level. You can whip up a latte, flat white, or just set up a big pot of filter coffee for the day’s trials and tribulations.


The system’s Auto-iQ Technology, which makes it sound like Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey, not only measures out the exact amount of water for the drink size of your choice; mug, travel mug, half carafe, full carafe (which roughly translate to weekend, day in the office, deadline is approaching, deadline is tomorrow) it also takes into account the pre-infusion time and coffee saturation time. Roughly translated, that’s the time you let the water do it’s business to bring out the coffee’s taste.

For the inexperienced coffee maker (but coffee drinker) it’s the perfect set up – You pop your ground coffee in and the coffee comes out. No messing about with filter papers, no pouring water slowly and delicately over a pour-over and no burning yourself on steam. Just coffee at the push of a button. How very 2016.

We have asked the clever folks over at Ninja to make the machine voice controlled, but no one would take our Captain Janeway dream seriously.


One of the most enjoyable features of the whole setup is the delay button. You can fill up the machine in the evening, set the timer to brew your coffee for the next day and actual ninjas will break into your house undetected and make the coffee for you while you sleep. Seriously, you’ll come down the next day and the coffee will be miraculously made and kept warm in the stainless steel carafe for the hours.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is available from ninjacoffee.co.uk and also in Currys, Argos and Lakeland.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to pretend we’re Dale Cooper



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