This nine-year-old boy is walking purse first into Halloween

YouTube / Lori Duron

Struggling for costume ideas for Halloween? This story might give you some inspiration.

Lori Duron, blogger and author of Raising My Rainbow, recently shared how her nine-year-old ‘gender creative’ son CJ decided that he wanted to dress up as RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen.

She said: “Bob, RuPaul and all the queens are brave, strong heroes for my rainbow son. They’ve taught him to celebrate his uniqueness, cultivate his own style and let criticisms roll off his back.

“They’ve taught him the importance and power of loving himself. They’ve also taught him a few words and phrases that I’ve told him he can’t use until he’s 18.”

After establishing that she wouldn’t be allowing her son to wear black face – to which he replied “why would you think I’d do that?” – Lori called CJ’s gay Uncle Michael to help out with the makeup and costume designing.

Lori Duron

Lori Duron

Michael arrived with a wig, fake eyelashes, pearls and big ideas, and helped CJ shop for supplies and found the perfect dress online to recreate Bob’s look from his Purse First music video.

Lori said: “Uncle Michael set up a classroom in our dining room and taught us how to style the wig and do the makeup, because he won’t be in town to help on Halloween.

“I hope that when the big night finally gets here, my newly learned drag queen skills don’t fail me.”

As well as perfectly recreating Bob’s look, it seems that CJ has also got his technique for trick-or-treating this year down to a T, recreating the drag queen’s famous strut.

Lori explained: “He will approach a house. Ring the doorbell and stand to the side. When a person opens the door, he will come into view purse first.

“I don’t have the heart to tell him that people in our conservative Orange County neighbourhood probably won’t get his shtick.”

Lori Duron

Lori Duron



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