This is why Charlie King thinks you should download Hanky

With dating app Hanky fast gaining popularity, we sat down with fitness guru, blogger and reality TV star Charlie King to find out why he thinks it’s the best app out there to meet guys.

We all drooled when his chiselled body rolled over the screen in TOWIE. And while his ripped six-pack and hulky arms usually take the spotlight, today we’re here to talk about something completely different: dating apps.

To put it frankly Charlie – have you ever tried out any dating apps?

Haha, who hasn’t used a dating app? Look, we live in a world now where apps are a way of life. There is an app for EVERYTHING, and of course dating apps are a great way to potentially find someone to meet with for whatever reason you may want. Sometimes finding someone can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack and let’s face it, the majority of singletons are hoping to meet someone, so it’s good to have options, and dating apps are perfect for that.

So what apps are guys using nowadays? Any you’d recommend?

I do have quite a lot of newly single mates as it goes. A lot of them are using Hanky. So that’s probably the one you should take for a spin. It’s basically guys taking quick selfies called Moments directly on the app, which guys around them can instantly start reacting to. It’s a nice icebreaker and feels very live and real. A lot of people are tired of fake photos and bitchy guys on other apps so it’s a refreshing experience.

We’re wondering how many guys responds to such a Moment when you have a body like yours?

Haha…  You will make me go red…. Go figure!

Okay, so let’s say you’ve been chatting with this guy you really like on an app, then met him for a quick cuppa in town. What’s a six-pack friendly dinner to serve when he comes over for the first time?

I would go for a nice steak – Fillet or Sirloin Cut. Home-made sweet potato wedges with paprika seasoning for a little spice. Vine tomato, avocado and rocket salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and rock salt and for the sweet – well six-packs and desserts don’t always go hand in hand BUT if you must, a dark chocolate brownie with some Greek yoghurt, honey and ground almonds is delicious. And don’t forget a nice bottle of wine!

Sounds yummy, we’re sure he’d be pleased. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, it was really good seeing you again Charlie.

Hanky is available as a free download at the iOS and Android App Stores now; click here to download it.



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