Three reasons Hanky is the best gay app right now

Hanky has been around for a few months already, and having been a patient early-stage user I didn’t expect to see many big changes while reviewing the recent update. What happened next put to shame all my presumptions.

1. The Moment is right
When I logged into my old user account, I was met by a totally refurbished interface with a gallery like overview of who was nearby. That’s all pretty cool, but it’s something else that makes this app stand out as a far more compelling and exciting choice. Hanky are now introducing the Moments concept, which basically allows you to see exactly who’s interested in meeting up, and how exactly they look at this very moment. Yes, I mean literally! I tried posting a Moment, which is basically a selfie with a short description that says what I’m up to. Guys from my neighbourhood immediately started responding to my Moment, and all of a sudden I had loads of interested guys to pick from, who were all eager to meet up. Now that’s what I call live dating!

2. More authenticity
As the only gay app out there, Hanky requires a simple photo verification at signup. I’m not sure if that’s why the guys seem more authentic and kind, but the troll crowd well known from other gay dating apps simply isn’t there. Guys are obviously there to meet up, and they manage to write more than just the usual ‘Sup?’, which I like.

3. It’s amazingly smooth
Other gay apps haven’t run smoothly but Hanky seems to have the tech under control. All messages are delivered quickly and efficiently and push notifications are free and instant, even at peak hours when activity is hefty. One thing I really like is the option to quickly show interest in
guys and get a convo started if he’s interested as well. The profile presentations somehow also seem more compelling and personal than what we’re used to, and there are small nifty elements that make it possible to express your personality.

In conclusion, Hanky has my blessing! And I would be surprised if it didn’t leave some of the dinosaur apps that are out there in the dust.

Hanky is available as a free download on iOS and Anroid App Stores now click here to download it.



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