Win with wine this Father’s Day

As Father’s rapidly approaches it’s time for all you slowpokes to pick up some last minute presents. But what on earth are you going to get?

It’s time to go back to basics, with a stand out bottle of superior wine. Take a bottle – or preferably two – home on Sunday and you’ll certainly outshine your siblings. And if you don’t have siblings, there’s even more wine for you – win, win really.

But what if you know NOTHING about wine except white is cold and red is served at room temperature – FYI we hate to break it to you but that’s not always the case either!

Never fear, there are experts on hand for just this very dilemma.

Garmence, a London based wine studio, is offering bespoke collections of wines in partnership with producers from all over Europe. If you’re a low level fan of the plonk or the greatest connoisseur, these guys can help you pick out the perfect bottle at a price that wont make your eyes water.

Here are a couple of our recommendations for this Father’s Day.

Fleurie – £16

Smooth, Fruity, Lip-smacking

Why not treat your dear old dad to a delicious and fruity red, made with strawberries, cherries and bramble spices. It’s new to the spring/summer collection and would make the perfect accompaniment to a family summer BBQ. You might not think it but Felurie works well as a chilled red due to the lower tannins profile, meaning you get all the flavour and body of a red but it’s light and fresh, much like a bottle of white. garmence.com


The Dark Knights £42.50


If you’ve got a little bit more to spend and you know your Dad would be over the moon with a few bottles of really good red, then Garmence’s ‘The Dark Knights’ collection is your winning choice. A perfect trio of carefully selected reds that are bursting with fruity aromas and depths of spice that all have a place within your Dad’s life, whether it’s as simple as enjoying a glass on a cooler evening, showing off a wine that’s a little bit more experimental with friends or, accompanying a hearty dinner with family.

Wrapped to perfection, and delivered in a stylish, disposable wine rack. Garmence is delivered exclusively in London but don’t worry if you’ve left it to the last minute and are about to jump on a train back to your hometown. No need to buy a bottle of plonk from the station concourse, Garmence can arrange for your wine to be collected from any location, even a mainline station, at a set time. Easy! Find out more at garmence.com


Garmence Wine Studio is a London based online wine store crafting bespoke capsule collections in partnership with producers across Europe’s finest vineyards. For more information about Garmence, our brand, our products and our craft, visit garmence.com




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