There’s going to be a Rocky Horror Show game

David Freeman

Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me

The Rocky Horror Show is getting catapulted into the 21st century with a mobile game called: The Rocky Horror Show Touch Me – Which is a bit of a long title, but we’ll forgive it because we’re so darn excited.

The Stage reports that developers, Rocket Lolly Games, have consulted theatregoers and Rocky Horror fans in order to capture the feeling of a live experience.

In a press release on the website rockyhorrorgames.com, Rocket Lolly explains that “the game will be released as a touch screen game that will launch on tablet and mobile platforms in 2017.”

The press release also says that the “studio is therefore aiming to create the best possible tactile gameplay experience, and to find new ways to socially connect players to create shared moments by tapping into the quintessential aspect of The Rocky Horror show – what it is to be an audience member.”

Oscar Clarke, director and co-founder of Rocket Lolly Games said that the game would play on “the dynamism between the actors on stage and the audience. We want to capture what it is that makes it so special.”

Alas, there isn’t much more information to go on, but you can follow the project on Twitter – @rocky_touchme – for all the updates as and when they’re released.

No prizes for guessing what the soundtrack will be on the menu screen…



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