This lovely house…

Something a little more personal for you this month.

Like Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in 80s classic The Money Pit, we moved into our new wreck of a home earlier this year. Leaky roof, no heating or electrics. Draughty old windows. A hose over the bath.

Romantic is what we’re calling it – and luckily we’re still smiling. Paint stripper is our friend and we’ve become very used to stubbing our toes on loose nails in the floor boards.

We wanted to share this early stage in the project with you as it’s something we’ll be working on for many months, keeping you updated on the progress. Right now it’s a bit of a ghost house and we still feel like we’re glamping. A tentative rummage in the loft revealed a box with the previous owner’s old wedding dress in it. From 1959! We’re half expecting to wake up in the middle of the night with the dress standing at the foot of our bed.

With other people’s homes to work on, time to do ours up is limited, so no holidays for us any time soon. But that’s OK, because we’re home bodies and can’t wait to make a massive impact on this place so we can show you what we’ve done.

Makeovers only happen on telly and, when it comes to real design, there are no quick fixes. Having sorted the leaky roof and had the place plumbed and rewired, all the non-fun stuff, it’s uphill from here on in.
As projects go, it’s a beast. And as we’re sure any of you into interiors will know, once you strip it back, it can be more scary than ever because you really see the size of it.

For now, we’re focussing our attention and what little funds we have, on… Our downstairs toilet. Often forgotten, but not in this case, it’s going to be a tiny hidden gem for any guest. We’re working on a bespoke wallpaper design based on the old print we found under the wood chip and giving it a modern graphic twist.

All will be revealed soon. Hopefully. Wish us luck.



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