The Jackie Forster Gay Times Honour (Impact in Music, TV, Film & Entertainment)

Music, television, film and entertainment’s impact on LGBT equality cannot be understated, though it might often be overlooked.

Thanks to the ubiquity of television, openly gay pop stars danced their way into homes in the remotest parts of the country, children saw their parents laughing with camp and hilarious chat show hosts, and news programmes – as reported by intrepid journalists – shone much needed light on the struggles faced by the LGBT community around the nation.

The short list for the Jackie Forster Gay Times Honour is as follows:

On Saturday 18 November 2017, Gay Times will present Gay Times Honours – an evening that will recognise organisations and individuals who have had a tremendous impact over the past 50 years on what it means to live openly and freely as LGBT+ people in Britain today.

The Gay Times Honours will be presented at the National Portrait Gallery, which was founded in 1856 to promote, through portraits, the appreciation of men and women who have made and are making British history and culture, and which has a long history of providing a platform for the voices of the LGBT+ community.



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