Make a splash on set in Ibiza with the boys of Hollyoaks – exclusive footage

As part of their upcoming storyline #IbizaOaks, the boys and girls of Hollyoaks have headed for the sun.

Taking to the beach and pool in Ibiza, the Channel 4 show moved to the sunnier climates – Gay Times joined them to capture this exclusive behind the scenes footage for you.

From filming poolside to on the beach and even in the pool – Hollyoaks’ new hunk Adam Woodward getting rather wet – it’s sure to be a wild summer for the boys (and girls) of the much-loved soap.

Can’t wait until later this year to see what happens? Watch our exclusive footage of filming on set in Ibiza below…

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From the emotional minefield of coming out, to learning how to support his boyfriend as he battled a crystal meth addiction, Harry Thompson’s storylines on Hollyoaks confront often controversial subject matter, in what is an honest reflection of the changing landscape for LGBT+ people in the 21st century.

Join Parry on his exclusive Gay Times cover shoot below…

The issue is packed with opinion, travel, style and fitness, as usual, and you can subscribe annually or buy a single issue here.



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