Visible penis line: Pietro Boselli’s taken his clothes off… again


Pietro Boselli – the ‘world’s hottest maths teacher’ – has been taking his clothes off (again). Complaining? Nope.

Having joined Bench Body PH earlier this year to model their latest collection, the London-based model was practically bursting out of his tight briefs for us all to see. Oh, you didn’t see? We’ve got the images here.

Pietro’s still continuing to put a smile on all our faces and pound that gym workout – even when he’s on his holiday. How do we know this we hear you ask? Well, his Instagram, obviously.

The ripped model showed off his impressive chest, legs and bulge while taking in the views of the local surroundings, but like anybody is even looking at anything but Pietro.

Pietro labelling the piece: “Poolside gym what more.”

WHAT MORE?! We agree, Pietro!

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Poolside gym what more

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The Italian maths teacher and now international model launched to worldwide fame after his topless workout videos became an internet sensation – and it seems his global success as a model isn’t about to stop anytime soon.

Thankfully, we’re all for his continual rise. Oh, behave!

While we’re on his Insta, it’s an easy excuse to look through just a few more of Pietro’s holiday photos…

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44 deg C

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Souvenirs d'un voyage

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Just make it quick

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Biker life

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