Harry Judd flaunts ripped body in sauna and ice bath


We suddenly have a massive urge to go to a sauna…

We are very big fans of McFly’s Harry Judd. We loved hearing him sing, watching him dance his way to glory on Strictly, and we obviously enjoyed his performance in The Full Monty.

And now the former Gay Times cover star has given us another reason to love him.

At the moment, Harry is on a skiing holiday, so naturally one would assume that there would be no thirst content coming out of him, and that would be where you’re wrong.

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Harry went to a sauna, with nothing but his #Calvins, and while there he decided to take a video of him in the sauna, before heading for the ice bath.

Sadly, halfway through the video some steam obscures his sexy body, but thankfully before he gears himself up for the ice bath, and after exiting, the hunk is more than happy to flaunt what he’s got.

We know you’ve got that sauna, Harry, but if you still need help warming up, or drying down, after that ice bath, we’re more than happy to offer our services.

And if you want to follow Harry on Instagram, you can do so here.



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