Sam Callahan has lost his shirt… again


And now he’s wondering why he never seems to have one on, not that we’re complaining.

If you’re keen followers of Sam Callahan’s Instagram, you’ll notice that the singer has a penchant for rarely appearing in a shirt. In fact, last year, his lack of clothing got him in a spot of bother when Gary Barlow blocked him on Twitter for sharing naked photos.

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And now he’s back at it again – although sadly not in the nude – and he’s the perfect beach hunk. Showing off his beautifully sculpted body, Sam did seem to notice something though, captioning his post: “For somebody who works closely with clothing brands, It would seem that I do not own enough clothing! #AlwaysNaked”

However, no one in the comments seemed to mind particularly much, saying things like: “fine by me” and “and how thankful we all are for that!” One overly enthusiastic person even wrote: “We would make it the law you have 2b naked all the time.”

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Now there’s a law that we can get behind!

And if anyone is looking for some evidence for this law to be introduced, we think these set out the case pretty well.


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What’s poppin’ G. ????

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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I’ll bring the karma.

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MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: Burns Like Fire – Remix Release. ????????????

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And you can follow Sam on Instagram, here.

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