Winter Olympics hunks strip off and share their best pick-up lines


Our interest in the Winter Olympics just peaked.

To celebrate the start of the high-profile sporting event, Cosmopolitan have been doing the lord’s work by inviting 10 of the hottest hunks from Team USA to strip out of their sports gear for our viewing pleasure.

Athletes including alpine skier Steve Nyman, bobsledder Evan Weinstock, speed skater Joey Mantia, and luger Chris Mazdzer reveal all for the steamy video.

The guys also share some of their best pick-up lines, including standouts like “Let me help you put the ‘Ohh’ into the Olympics”, and “I may be a speed skater, but I’m no one-minute man”.

But we think the best pick-up line award has to go to out freeskier Gus Kenworthy, who flirted: “I wanted the gold medal in Sochi, but I settled for the silver because I want to make sure you come first.”

Side note: The woman who helps get the guys out of their Lycra is literally living the dream.

Watch the video below.



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