Troy Pes is practically bulging out of his underwear in his latest picture


The Venezuelan hunk is leaving nearly nothing to the imagination…

Troy Pes is one of our favourite Insta-hunks, and it’s not hard to guess why. On plenty of occasions he’s showing off “hoe” pics, his bubble butt, or getting all wet with fellow hunk Zander Hodgson.

And because it’s usually his abs or butt on display, we haven’t had many opportunities to get a good look at his bulge. Well, that’s all changed now.

And with a bulge like that, it’s a wonder the underwear’s managed to stay on!

No wonder why I am not verified on instagram #the #real #hoes #of #instagram

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Captioning his picture “No wonder I’m not verified,” we struggling to find reasons why he shouldn’t. He’s got the bulge, he’s got the body, now all he needs is the blue tick.

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And as we ponder why he’s not verified, take a look at some of his other pictures, and see if you can find the answer.

Dancing reggaeton while being painted like rose in the titanic

A post shared by Troy ???? (@troypes) on

Having sex with the sunset, don’t tell your mom

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And you can always follow Troy on Instagram, here.



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