Matthew Hanham is serving bulge in his latest Instagram post


It’s summertime in Australia, so Matthew’s been showing off his speedo collection…

Australia’s summer falls between December-February, so Matthew Hanham’s Instagram feed is chock-full of speedo shots and a lot of bulge. Imagine spending the whole of January on the beach in 30 degree heat? Sounds bloody terrible.

In the past, the hunk has satisfied our thirsty asses with his rough-and-ready good looks and mouth-watering physique, which you can view here, here and here.

His latest photo leaves little to the imagination, showing the Aussie stud in just his underwear, bulging…

Oh, and this one…

While we’re at it, here’s a few more of his recent uploads. Warning – you’ll get speedo envy.

The pseudoephedrine pump is real! ????????#onthemend

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A post shared by Matthew Hanham (@matthanham) on

Omg the jetlag is real ????????‍♂️ #battling

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And lastly…

We stayed at the Fairmont hotel in Banff – a beautiful hotel, however it is apparently haunted by the ghosts of various guests that “never checked out”…and so @mghbert & I googled some of the stories and went on our own ghost tour late at night. Mitch got so worked up about 1 story in particular, it was total lols. The legend goes, a family was brutally murdered in room 873 and ever since, guests have been haunted by their ghosts, to the point that the hotel actually sealed off the room and now just pretends it isn’t there. So we went and found where room 873 used to be, and could see the outline of the door beneath the wallpaper…And now, the ghosts apparently still turn up occasionally around the place ???????????? Long story short, Mitch barely slept and we kept a night-light on all night ????????⚰️ #whoyougonnacall #ghostbusters

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Need some company there Matt?

You can follow Matthew on Instagram here.

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