Ho ho ho! Jordi Whitworth wishes you a “sexy Christmas”


And he’s gotten us a topless hunk… exactly what we wanted!

Temperatures might be plummeting, but one thing still bringing the heat is singer Jordi Whitworth.

Jordi’s 2017 has frequently consisted of him taking many opportunities to flaunt his ripped physique, get all hot and sweaty, and show off his rather large bulge.

And now, in a Christmas-themed shot, he’s draped with tinsel, wearing only loungewear and a Christmas hat, and captioning his post simply: “What the message says…”

What the message says ….

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If you can manage to tear your eyes off of Jordi’s mesmerizing v-lines, impressive pecs, and stunning smile, the message reads: “Have a sexy Christmas.”

Well, if you keep posting stuff like this Jordi, we could be in for a very interesting Christmas…

And if you want a little more, last month he posted a behind-the-scenes look for this post.

Snippet ????????????

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