Max Emerson shows off what he’s packing in revealing underwear


Yes, it’s another post about Max Emerson’s bulge.

But honestly, can you blame us? The hunky model has been at the top of our insta-crush list for a while now, and fortunately for us he’s not afraid to show off some serious skin to help satiate the thirst of his followers.

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He recently stripped off with his real-life boyfriend Andres Camilo for a cheeky Gay Times photoshoot, but in his latest Instagram post, Max took centre stage as he proved he’s able to rise to any occasion.

The insta-stud shared a behind-the-scenes look into an underwear shoot he did with fellow model Devin Goda, and while the two are ridiculously handsome, it wasn’t their faces that followers were looking at…

“Epic bulge you got going there,” wrote one fan.

“You are happy to see someone,” joked another.

Check out the cheeky photo below.

Not enough Max? Well, there’s plenty more of that below…

Can we talk about how cool the anti-fog mirror is in this #fancy hotel room?

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Working remotely today. @swisstravelsystem @flyswiss

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Is @pauleebe #lazy or am I just #extra? ???? @brandonosorio

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It’s like a game, only painful. #homeSweetHome with @ninjawarrior ???? @ohhowthewinetalks

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