Nyle DiMarco showed off his meat for Thanksgiving


Anyone fancy some meat?

Ever since he became the second ever male model to win America’s Next Top Model, we’ve had a major crush on American hunk Nyle DiMarco – and his Instagram account makes us fall for him even more on a daily basis.

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To celebrate Thanksgiving, Nyle took to the social media platform to share a photo of him wearing not much at all while holding onto his meat.

We can’t be sure, but we’re going to assume he’s not wearing pants, either.

Check out the photo below.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

Now there’s a meal we’d happily take a mouthful of…

Nyle previously spoke about how he doesn’t have many hang ups when it comes to getting naked.

“I am comfortable in my own skin; everybody should be in their own,” he said. “Growing up my mother had nude statues, nude portraits, and nude educational books all over the house.

“Every time we were curious and/or asked why, our mother would always say, ‘Body is art,’ and then engage into discussion that beauty comes in many forms.”

Whether he’s jumping around in tight white briefs or teaching us how to speak Trump using sign language, there’s plenty to love about this Top Model.



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