Not one, but two Josh Hutchersons went full-frontal on Future Man


The only thing better than one Josh Hutcherson is two Josh Hutchersons.

The hunky Hunger Games star’s brand new show, Future Man, just dropped in full on US streaming service Hulu, and fans have already been lusting over a certain scene that sees the actor bare all.

But there’s not just one naked Josh for your viewing pleasure, there’s two!

While we can’t show you the uncensored screengrabs, we certainly don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to tune in.

The jury’s still out over whether what’s on display here actually belongs to the actor, given that one Josh is significantly more well-endowed than the other… but we’ll take what we can get.

There’s also a rather bizarre scene in which Josh’s character gets caught masturbating.

So there’s that.

Watch the trailer for Future Man below.



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