Liam Payne got naked and shared this revealing (and now deleted) video


Talk about stripping that down.

The music hunk isn’t afraid of posting the occasional shirtless selfie on his Instagram page, but his latest post has surprised us all.

The now deleted video appeared on Liam’s story earlier this week, during which he explained to fans the details of his live appearance on a BBC One show.

However it’s the setting that Liam chose to take the video in that’s surprised all his millions of followers… The Shower! Dripping wet and without his shirt, where else would be the ideal place for Liam to share his news?

“Good morning everybody,” Liam begins in the shower. “I wanted to just quickly speak to you guys to remind you that I will be performing on the BBC Sounds like Friday Night on BBC One on Friday. I’m singing  a different song, as well as Bedroom Floor, so enjoy.”

It was accompanied by a wet shower emoji and the words “Shower time” above his head.

Check out these images from Liam’s sadly now deleted video.

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