Anyone fancy giving Tom Daley a ride?


Tom Daley’s latest photo will be causing a pileup…

The British diving star shared an attention-grabbing snap on Instagram over the weekend, in which he tried to hitch a ride to HelloWorld – an ‘immersive live experience’ for YouTubers taking place in Birmingham.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tom Daley photo if he was clothed, so naturally he appeared wearing nothing but a pair of his signature speedos and some trainers.

“I will literally buy a plane ticket to fly wherever this is, and rent a car just to give a ride,” wrote one overzealous fan, while another added: “I’d be so distracted I’d just crash into the nearest building and die.”

We all know it’s dangerous to pick up strangers, but frankly this is an offer nobody could refuse…

Check out the photo in all its glory below.

Can anyone give me a lift to @helloworldlive ?! ????????????

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We’re not quite sure what Tom got up to at HelloWorld, but the show’s official Instagram account shared a photo of him wearing goggles and the aforementioned speedos in a tiny paddling pool, so we definitely feel like we missed out.

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