Justin Bieber shares a shirtless video showing off his massive new tattoo

In a bare-chested post on Instagram, Bieber gave us an up-close and personal view of the ink now covering him from neck, down.

We can’t keep our eyes from wandering, taking in the breathtaking views of his… amazing new artwork.

The new ink features a spiritual motif with gothic inspired architecture, dark and light angels, and a sun shining light from above.

Moments in battle

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The Instagram feed is also present on the tattoo artist’s page @BangBangNYC, who has been providing the play by play.

We know from a caption on another post, this tattoo session lasted an amazing twenty-six hours over three days. Justin’s artist praised him for his toughness.

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“Thank you for the trust. 26 hours over 3 consecutive days is the most I’ve ever tattooed anyone in my 13 year career. You’re tough as nails man!” We knew Justin had it in him.

At this point, Justin has racked up more than fifty total tattoos, although he has covered over a few of them with his newest addition. No longer visible is a crown, the words “forgiveness” and “son of God”, and his first ever tattoo, a small bird on his hip.

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At only 23 years old Bieber already has a fair amount of skin covered. Fans are wondering how long will it be until Justin is completely tatted up.

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Words Kevin Kissane



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