Bromans star Brandon Myers says he’s got the biggest penis on reality TV

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Brandon Myers has made a pretty bold claim.

As if comparing the size of his “massive schlong” with fellow Bromans star Glenn Klauber wasn’t enough teasing for us, the tattooed hunk has now argued that he’s got the biggest penis in reality television – nine and a half inches, to be exact.

Speaking to The Sun, Brandon suggested having a ‘penis competition’ with fellow reality star Chris Hughes, who also had no issue flaunting his junk during his stint on Love Island earlier this year.

“There should be a poll on Twitter. If there was a poll, I would win,” Brandon joked.

“He’s quite well-endowed but you can’t compete with a Ghanaian genetic willy. You can’t compete.”

Finally getting back into the gym ????????????????

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“We had to do a cock-mould out of Roman pots and you see everything,” he continued. “Little Brandon here does reach the bottom of the pot and it’s a very large pot. Bigger than a pint glass.

“When I was showering I think everyone was jaw-droppingly jealous. The girls were jealous. All the boys were mesmerised. Wowed by it. It was the talk of Ancient Rome. My briefs didn’t really fit.”

Brandon also revealed that various people on the show have even given his manhood a nickname.

“Nicola calls it Princess,” he said, “[but] it’s not a very manly name. I call it my other leg a lot. It is my other leg. I’d like to give it quite a cool name. The producers called it a Biggus Dickus.”

We’ll just leave these photos below for you to decide if you believe him or not…

Out here in Jamaica and I always take my comfy @boxmenswear underwear with me ???? #bromans #ad #spon

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