The whole package! Here’s a pic of Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher bulging out of his pants

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The Dales have treated him well…

Whether you’re forced to watch Emmerdale kicking and screaming by your family, or if it’s your guilty pleasure after a hard day’s work, there was one hottie who made us watch the soap a little bit harder…


Behold, the absolute hunk… KELVIN FLETCHER

More than a few whiskers here…. ???? #allcalm

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Andy Sugden throwing out some shapes fresh off the farm! He wasn't scared of that podium! ????

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Big shout out to KO and his crew @different_medz for showing us some real #Harlem style #calisthenics today. Crazy strength!

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Here at Snetterton this weekend for round 3 of #britishgt @11_degrees

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Kelvin, leaving viewers and fans feeling limp, ditched his role as Andy Sugden last year in pursuit of a career racing cars. So masc.

He was on the show from 1996, when he was just 12, and had a run that lasted over two decades but now, his new hobbies include working out…


Few 160kg hip thrusters here…. As the reggae plays! @pro_green_training #ProGreenTrainingSystems

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Oh and smuggling budgies in his briefs. Prepare yourself and take a look…

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