Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford shows off his tan with a cheeky nude photo


Need a hand applying sun lotion there Greg? 

Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford gave all 117,000 of his Instagram followers a cheeky surprise yesterday when he shared a nude photo with only a disco ball covering his buns of steel (!).

He uploaded the photo to his Instagram story with the caption, “Ok… possibly didn’t consider the British sun while in the garden today”.


Yes Greg, you are a silly silly man, this photo didn’t really need the disco ball…

Obviously, we had to stalk Greg’s profile, and we’ve been very kind enough to compile a list of his hottest Instagram photos.

Our job is just so hard… *insert crying face emoji*

Can't jump forever. Pool cleaning service, 10 bucks an hour. ????

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I showed that crocodile who's boss ????????

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Post shower, pre comp nob head selfie. I haven't done one in AGES so thought I'd offend a ton of people with my #ginger locks

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