Justin Bieber loses his shirt in steamy new photo


He’s at it again!

Justin Bieber’s love of Instagram is totally one of our favourite things about the social media app. If he’s not posting photos of him live on stage – often looking a little sweaty – then he’s posting pics off stage (and shirtless). His latest post is sure to please us all!

Opting for the moody seduction filter of black and white, Justin’s lounging around, enjoying a glass of wine – well, bottle – and flashing a rather enjoyable amount of flesh. Oh, did you not spot the bottle of wine in his hand? We guess there’s quite a lot else to feast your eyes on first.

Like almost every photo he posts to his almost 86 million followers, Justin’s fans were quick to pick up on his tattoos and the great shape his body is currently in…

*insert heart eyes emoji here*

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This isn’t the first time Justin’s treated us all to what lies underneath his shirt… and hopefully not the last, either!


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Of course no one will ever forget this Instagram picture that Justin posted. The barefaced cheek of it…

You can follow Justin on Instagram here.



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