This shirtless violinist’s Sia cover is stunning in more ways than one


Is there anything the Shirtless Violinist can’t do?

After stripping off for a steamy music session in the shower, and turning Disney’s Beauty and the Beast into the gay fairytale of our dreams, the YouTube musician is back with another video that we love.

This time, he’s taking on one of his “all-time favourite” songs, Sia’s smash hit Chandelier, with a high-flying twist – he’s playing the violin while suspended in mid-air, held up only by some silk and a hoop.

While the finished product is a beautiful, mesmerising video that was definitely worth the effort, it didn’t come without a lot of preparation and plenty of unexpected pain… never mind the motion sickness!

He said: “If I had any clue how much this was going to HURT before we filmed this video, I would have said ‘forget it!’ You guys, aerial arts are no joke – they require a willingness to take physical punishment!

“Those silks whipped my ass and that hoop pummelled me hard!”

Watch the video below.

If you want to see more exciting videos like this one, you can support the Shirtless Violinist over at Patreon.



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