Pietro Boselli is stripping off again, but we’re not complaining…


Does the Italian hunk even own clothes these days?

The ‘world’s hottest maths teacher’ – Pietro Boselli – might have whipped up a storm last week as he documented his workout from the Philippines, but it seems that he’s still taken some time to relax.

Pietro posted several snaps on his Instagram, as he clearly enjoyed catching some rays on Miami Beach, Florida.

Beach shot @giampaolosgura

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And he made sure to bring one lucky photographer along, so we could all enjoy the beach break with him.

Hold on ..

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Don’t worry… he did take those clothes off again as he stripped down to some tight briefs for us all.


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Now that’s a nice view…

Earlier this month, Pietro set pulses racing after losing a game of strip Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The hunk has been on quite the trip promoting the new underwear range, including a trip to The Philippines where he revealed the downside of being so damn buff.

On his sudden rise to fame, Pietro previously explained: “At first I never realised that people were taking pictures in the classroom. The first time is when I saw it reposted on Facebook.

“I saw it happen a few times until The Daily Mail picked it up and reposted it, and it just went crazy on the internet… I started having more people showing up at the class, people who had nothing to do with the course.”

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Words Rob Henderson



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