Fancy seeing Gregg Sulkin in his underwear? Well here you go…

Gregg Sulkin


Oh, and he’s wet. Again. 

Former GT cover model Gregg Sulkin has left his fans extremely hot and bothered this week by uploading a couple shirtless posts in the sun. Seriously, how did we survive before Instagram?

The former Faking It star shared a video of himself jumping into a pool in just his underwear, with the caption: “I really regret moving to LA…”

Life looks so hard for you Gregg…

I really regret moving To LA….☀️

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And because he’s so generous, he treated us to a wet, shirtless picture in the sun.


Soaking in the☀️

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When we interviewed Gregg for our August issue of GT, he said: “Seeing straight men on gay magazines helps people realise that it’s completely acceptable to be gay.

“I didn’t want this to be just another photo shoot; it’s a lot more meaningful for me than anything else.”

The English actor is set to join Marvel’s new TV show Runaways as Chase Stein, a high school lacrosse player who on the outside appears to be your typical shallow jock, but is a genius mastermind engineer.

Here’s hoping he shows as much flesh on Runaways as he does on Instagram…



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