Connor Franta reveals his one regret of coming out as gay when he did


The YouTuber reflects on the missed opportunity of not coming out as a teenager in a new video.

Connor Franta admitted that he feels cheated out of not being able to date guys he was attracted to when he was younger like his straight friends got to do.

“Growing up, a typical thing for a lot of kids to go through is having feelings for another person, being attracted to other people, and then following through with those feelings they kiss another person, they hook up with another person,” he said in the video.

“All of these things are very normal, they’re very natural things to do as you’re coming into your sexuality, as you’re growing up.

“I just can’t help but think since I was in the closet so long, I was in the closet until I was 21, that I was oddly denied of that as a kid. It’s something that frustrates me and it’s something that I regret not doing or being able to do.

“I just feel oddly cheated. I got to go see my friends kiss boys or kiss girls at parties and then talk about it the next day… I didn’t get to do that.”

Connor came out publicly in 2014 in a video posted to his 3.6 million YouTube subscribers.

He then released his first book, A Work In Progress, in 2015, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

Connor’s new book Note To Self – which will be released on 18 April – will explore his battles with clinical depression, social anxiety and self-love through a series of short stories, poetry and letters to himself.



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