Cheeky! Thousands of guys travel on the subway in their underwear


It might be freezing out there at the moment, but that didn’t stop thousands of people across the world losing their trousers to travel on the subway this weekend.

Yes, it was the 16th annual No Pants Subway Ride, which took place in over 60 cities across 25 countries.

Plenty of guys let loose in their best underwear to have a more comfortable than usual commute across the city.

Despite heavy snow in New York City, none them look particularly cold…

GT has rounded up some of the best photos from the weekend:

#notrousers #notrouserstuberide2017 #notrouserstuberide #london #londonunderground #tube #onatrain #nopantssubwayride

A photo posted by Chris Korybalski (@korybalski) on

Oh man forgot to NOT put on my pants for this years #nopantssubwayride … maybe because it's a freezing 24F out here

A photo posted by Lij Dagim (@diplomats_child) on


A photo posted by Marcos (@itsmemarcos93) on

Just waiting for the train to come. #casual #nopantssubwayride

A photo posted by Kyle Thomas (@khemingway) on

#nopantssubwayride #nopants #mtlmoments #montreal #slownewsday #sausagefest

A photo posted by @evablue on

And here’s the official No Pants Subway Ride that organisers Improv Everywhere put together:



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