Tom Daley plays ‘Guess Whose Abs?’ on The Tyler Oakley Show


…and he’s revealed that he’s not a fan of body hair.

During an appearance on The Tyler Oakley Show, the Olympic diver discussed overzealous fans – “I’ve had underwear sent to me before!” – and played a game of ‘Whose Abs?’, where he tried to name celebrities by their torsos alone.

While Tom was quick to recognise Justin Bieber and Michael Phelps from their famous chests, the pair struggled to guess The Today Show host Matt Lauer, with the athlete commenting: “He could do with a wax or a shave or something.”

When Tyler asked him to confirm whether or not he’s into body hair, Tom replied: “Nooooo.”

The world-famous athlete also discussed whether he would be returning for a fourth Olympic Games, saying: “As long as my body holds out [I will compete]. Because I’m getting old, I’m like the granddad of diving now!”

Watch the video below.



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