Holding out for a (super)hero? These shirtless hunks are here to save the day


These heroes look just as good out of their skin-tight costumes as they do in them.

What would a big-budget superhero flick be without a bit of shirtless action? Nothing, that’s what. To celebrate the gorgeous guys who bring the heat to the big screen, we’ve rounded up our top topless super-torsos. Enjoy!

Chris Evans does a mighty fine job of protecting the free world… And also looking FINE.

Thor or Phwoar? Both work for us. The oldest Hemsworth sets the hunk benchmark.

Chris Pratt was hot even as a cuddly shoe-shine boy, but in Guardians of the Galaxy he’s positively irresistible.

Check out this behind the scenes shot of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. You’ve still got it, RDJ.

One of the most recent additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Luke Cage, played by the impossibly buff Mike Colter.

We know he’s not Spider-Man anymore, but you have you admit Andrew Garfield is fine.


It’s not a rare occurrence to see Hugh Jackman with his shirt off, but we don’t believe there can be too much of a good thing.

Here’s a shot of Henry Cavill as Superman. We imagine he’s thinking, “Why do people only see the abs and not the person inside?” Poor lad.

Alan Ritchson’s Aquaman character featured in Smallville. Those muscles ain’t small though. What a hottie.

Last but not least we have the star of Ant-Man, Paul Rudd. He may be our new superhero crush. Is he yours?

Words Jessica Lindsay



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