Black men talk about racism on hook-up apps

Buzzfeed Yellow – YouTube

“Taste the rainbow – the full extent of it.”

A group of black men have spoken about racism on gay hook-up apps in a new video for Buzzfeed.

They address the phenomenon of men filling their Grindr profile with lists of their ‘preferences’ – which usually exclude entire races and body types.

One of the men said that he does get messages from men who write ‘No blacks’ on their profile – but they usually only want to know whether he is “hung”. Others have spoken to these men only to be ignored after sending a picture of themselves.

“I think it’s okay for you to say what you’re in to and what you’re attracted to – but you don’t need to say what you’re not attracted to,” one of the men said.

“I could be in to black people more than I could be in to white people,” added another. “But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to disqualify all white people from coming at me and, you know, saying ‘Hey’.”

They pick up on the idea that some gay men have not learned anything from being a discriminated group ourselves: “For a community that has fought so hard for human rights there is still a lot of discrimination that goes on.”

It seems that the culture of racism on hookup apps stems from the cultural ideal of the “white man with the six-pack abs” that leaves any man who doesn’t fit in to that rigid profile feeling like they are unwelcome.

Watch the whole video below:



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