BBC announce new LGBT+ drama by Russell T Davies

The BBC have released details of a new show by Queer as Folk writer Russell T Davies – titled A Very English Scandal.

The three-part drama, an adaption of the book of the same name by John Preston, will retrace the true story of Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe’s supposed plot to have his ex-lover, stable boy Norman Scott, killed. The politician stood trial for the attempted murder of his lover, but was eventually found not guilty in 1979.

Thorpe and Scott were lovers in the 1960s when gay sex was still illegal. The series features during the anniversary of the decriminalised of homosexuality in the UK.

Commenting on the announcement, Russell said: “I’ve wanted to write this story for years, ever since I was 16 and saw it unfold on the news. It’s probably the first gay story I ever heard. John Preston’s brilliant book illuminates a vital and fascinating piece of British history.”

The series is the latest programme from Doctor Who writer whose queer adaption of A Midsummer Night’s Dream aired on BBC last year. It will be highly anticipated by fans of his previous shows, including his 2015 BAFTA award-winning Cucumber.

A Very English Scandal will be directed by Stephen Frears of Florence Foster Jenkins and Philomena success.

No details of the cast have been released yet – the show is expected to air at the start of 2018.



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