Kate Nash: “We’re not going to let any racist, homophobic motherfuckers shit on our fucking town.”

“Coming together to celebrate music right now is really sacred and beautiful.”

Kate Nash took to the stage last night to denounce racism and homophobia in a passionate speech that condemned right wing politics.

The singer and star of Netflix’s Glow was playing the second of two sold out dates at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London in celebration of the ten year anniversary of her breakthrough debut album Made of Bricks.

Speaking to the crowd – made up mainly of girls and gays, obviously – Kate said: “We’re not going to let any racist, homophobic motherfuckers shit on our fucking town.

Fuck all the fucking right wing bullshit, because it’s really important to take note of the fact that we’re here together. And this is a room of fucking cool, magical, beautiful, open minded strangers – and you should just look around the room and feel good about that.

“Coming together to celebrate music right now is really sacred and beautiful – and that’s also being fucked with – but the fact you’re here tonight being open and loving and so shiny, and magical and cool, is really fucking great and should be celebrated.”

The speech came after the sold out crowd chanted “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”, after Kate’s guitarist broke out into a cover of Seven Nation Army, the melody of which has been hijacked by Corbyn and Labour supporters to honour their leader.

Kate played her entire first album in full, in order – including fan favourites like Mouthwash, Dickhead, We Get On and her hit single Foundations – including an encore of offcuts including Sister, from Kate’s third album Girl Talk, and 2017’s Agenda.

Following on from an intimate and heart-wrenching performance of album stand-out Nicest Thing, he London-born singer/songwriter also encouraged the audience to learn to love themselves, saying: “The hardest thing is to learn to love yourself but it’s also the most important thing. As much as it’s nice to have a crush on someone, you should learn to be your own Nicest Thing.”

Because if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else? Can we get an amen, Kate?

Either way, if there’s anything we learned from  her sold out show it’s that even thought ten years have passed since she released Made of Bricks, people still really fucking love Kate Nash.



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