Exclusive: Naomie Harris on why Oscar-winning movie Moonlight “strips back all those stereotypes”


Moonlight has become the first ever LGBT+ themed film to win a Best Picture award at the Oscars.

The breakout hit, which tells the story of a black gay man’s coming of age, has received immense critical acclaim and was pitted by many against the high-budget, glossy musical La La Land for Best Picture.

One of its Academy nomination nods went to British actress Naomi Harris for her portrayal of crack addict and mother Paula.

We met the leading actress to discuss why this LGBT+ movie breaks down stereotypes and isn’t just a ‘gay movie’.

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On why Moonlight was a movie she just couldn’t pass up, Naomi told GT: “I read it and just cried my eyes out. There’s just something so profound about the story and it do deeply connected with me.

“It’s about our universal search for love, and about our universal struggle with identity.”

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Naomi also explained why this movie isn’t just for those within black or LGBT+ communities, but for anyone and everyone. It’s a universal movie about love and acceptance.

She said: “Although people might want to label it a ‘black movie’ or a ‘gay movie’, it’s none of those things. That’s what’s beautiful about it. It strips back all those stereotypes.

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“I really don’t know why it’s taken this long, but I know that people are really hungry for these kind of movies. That’s why people are really connecting and being so moved by it, because people have wanted this for so long.”

You can also watch the trailer for Moonlight below.

Moonlight is out now in UK cinemas.



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