Josh Hutcherson explains how he filmed the naked scene everyone is talking about


As we’re sure you are well aware, Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson stripped off not once, but twice in the same scene in an episode of his latest series Future Man.

The two Josh’s faced off in a bathroom completely naked in the unforgettable scene from the Hulu show, which gave viewers quite the eyeful.

So when Josh held a Q&A with fans on Twitter earlier this week, it was only a matter of time before someone asked him about the filming of the scene.

“It’s a scene that I was asking a long time leading up to: ‘How are we going to do this?'” he said in a video.

“I knew it was going to be really funny and it was going to be done tastefully, so to speak. It was the day before that we actually figured out how we were going to do it.

“It’s a combination of me with camera lock-offs, and also a stunt double, and a lot of prosthetics as I’m sure you may have noticed.”

Well, it’s quite hard to miss, Josh.

If you haven’t seen the scene in question yet, we have screen grabs of the moment below. You’ll have to watch the series on Hulu to see the uncensored versions though.

Watch the trailer for Future Man below:



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