8 spooky Winona Ryder roles proving she is the unspoken queen of Halloween

Winona Ryder is a raven-haired, and eccentric beauty. She had us all quaking at her return to the limelight with her role on the Netflix-produced series, Stranger Things.

After taking time to attend to her mental health we are thrilled to see Winona back at it again.

Because of Stranger Things’ elements of horror, Winona had us realising she really knows how to get down and scary.

We’ve gathered a list of Winona’s spookiest roles that prove she is low-key the queen of Halloween.

1. Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)

When her son, Will, mysteriously disappears, Joyce enters full on mama bear mode to get him back. But as a conspiracy involving secret government weapons, monsters from other dimensions, and extra sensory perception is revealed, Joyce is the only one who realises how deep the story goes.

The whole town thinks she’s the village crazy lady, but we know better. Don’t let that Demogorgon get you down girl!

2. Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

Lydia serves us goth for days. With a family that’s too stuck on themselves to notice the eerie goings on in their new home, Lydia is the only one to discover the house is really haunted by its former tenants the Maitelands.

Lydia wants to join her friends in the afterlife, but Winona we still need you.

3. Elsa Van Helsing (Frankenweenie)

So, we only get Winona’s voice for this one, but no one’s complaining. Elsa captures Winona’s essence as the female counterpart to the animated film’s protagonist.

With a sassy, sombre attitude, Elsa is not afraid to go against the grain, so we can easily admire her. She fits in with the movie’s nod to the era of black and white monster movies.

4. Mina Murray (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

Mina has the unfortunate coincidence of resembling Count Dracula’s old flame, but even with Gary Oldman in a cape coming after her, our girl keeps her cool.

In this role, Winona embodies elegance and purity in the face of evil.

5. Abigail Williams (The Crucible)

Halloween isn’t complete without a witch or two. The Crucible gives us Winona at her witchiest.

When she can’t get her man, Abigail decides to take a different tactic, but crying witch can prove to be just as deadly as crying wolf.

6. Veronica (Heathers)

The teenage drama is real. Veronica is unpopular before she winds up in the in-crowd, becoming one of the Heathers. One things leads to another, as it does in high school, and a string of murders puts Veronica in a difficult situation.

Don’t mess with Winona when she is out for revenge.

7. Beth Macintyr (Black Swan)

In this psychological thriller, Winona plays a woman fallen from grace. The price of fame as a prima ballerina is too high to pay when it strips her of her sanity. One scene involving Winona and a nail file still has us cringing with fear.

8. Kim (Edward Scissorhands)

This time around, Winona is blonde, ethereal and pure, providing the perfect balance to Johnny Depp’s dark and leathery BDSM aesthetic. Winona’s played a big part in making this Tim Burton classic a Halloween staple.

Now is there any question left as to who the reigning queen of Halloween is? We think not.

Words Kevin Kissane



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