Colton Haynes and Evan Peters just had sex on American Horror Story


And it was… strange.

After his steamy sex scene with Billy Eichner aired earlier this season, Colton Haynes teased that there’d be more ‘unexpected’ hot-and-heavy moments to come, but we weren’t quite expecting this.


As part of his plan to conceive a messiah baby to continue his cult’s mission, Evan Peters’ antagonist Kai Anderson decided to have a threesome with his sister Winter and Colton’s character Detective Samuels.

Although, as Kai reasons, it’s not quite incest, as Samuels will enter Winter while Kai enters him from behind.

Oh, and this all happens to the sound of All-4-One’s romantic ballad I Swear, which we’ll never listen to in the same way ever again.

Needless to say, fans were shocked by what they saw.

Check out screengrabs from the bizarre (but kinda hot?) moment below.



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