Archie’s still hot! KJ Apa gets wet and shirtless in Riverdale’s return

© The CW

Riverdale returned to our screens on Wednesday, and if you’ve seen our previous coverage, you’ll know why we were excited…

And yes, it’s because of the show’s hunky lead character, Archie Andrews.

In the first season alone we were treated to a towel slip, an impressive bulge, and a hint that our hunky hero sleeps in the buff.

We’d been teased that he would be going shirtless upon Riverdale’s return, and the hints paid off.

In one of the opening scenes, Archie was getting all wet in the shower before being joined by girlfriend Veronica, not that we’re jealous or anything.

© The CW

We’re not sure about you, but after that we need a cold shower.

And if you’re still thirsting after KJ, we’ve got some of his hottest moments right here.

And Archie won’t be the only hunk we’ll be having our eyes on, as Charles Melton will be playing fittie Reggie Mantle, and gay character Kevin Kellar is set to get some gay action later on in the series.

Riverdale airs on Wednesday nights in the US on The CW, and is available weekly on Netflix in the UK.



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