Marianne Elliott’s genius direction lifts Heisenberg to success – review

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Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Principle presents the idea of love. The idea of a sudden love, but one that’s littered with dishonesty. One that could, however, eventually bloom.

It’s, with great brilliance, a play that speaks to many different people on many different levels. Maybe that’s why we found ourselves fixated with the idea of now. The idea that something could happen right now that changes our entire world, forever.

A two-hander, Anne-Marie Duff stars alongside Kenneth Cranham as eventual lovers and beginning strangers. One, a female with a loud personality and seeming joy for life. The second, an older man with a smaller and quieter life – but still one that’s fulfilled daily to his needs. But, when meeting, presents a fast-paced and exciting dialogue of questions. Could they find love together? Is this about to become something less, but more than just friends?

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Simon Stephens’ story is often touching and does raise questions that are maybe better discussed for those of us that’ve seen the piece. It’s true that simplicity and the small topic of life asks all the right questions, but does raise a serious of concerns when it comes to he pairs relationship – the difference in age most noticeable during the more intimate moments where we must all care for their love. A love that never quite feels genuine beyond Simon Stephens’ intentions.

Igor’s production design remains crisp – adding a new level of excitement that’s sure to elevate and enhance success. However, it’s the complex detail in every twist and turn of Marianne Elliot’s direction that is the icing on a rather glorious cake. Her work makes you feel something, whatever that might be, for this pair. You care about their love and you care about their being. You care so much and become enthralled in her direction that so often you’re left breathless. The mark of a genius at work.

It might have few raised voices or even a storyline that’s totally believable at quite every turn, but this tale of love, loss and the possibility of what might be a person’s real intentions touches a note inside that makes you want to keep going. That makes you want to sit there and listen. And, once again, Marianne Elliott’s direction remains the standout star of the night.

Gay Times gives Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Principle – 4/5

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