Fans are going wild over Nightwing’s perfect bubble butt…

© Kotobukiya

One for the Christmas list?

Batman’s former partner, Nightwing, has always grabbed attention for his Rear of the Year-worthy behind – especially in some illustrations in the DC Comics title.

But now fans can actually own a piece of that ass… For $79.99 that is.

Japanese toymaker Kotobukiya have unveiled their Nightwing statue which fully shows off the superhero’s perfect bubble butt in all its glory.

It’s part of their Ikemen statues line, which basically translates to “handsome men”.

This glorious statue of Dick Grayson was unveiled just in time for New York Comic-Con, and is available to pre-order now.

“Sculpted by the talented Naoya Muto, Nightwing poses with his finger to his lips as if asking you to keep his identity a secret,” a description for the figure reads.

“He comes with two interchangeable head parts so you can display him with or without his mask. The mask part he is holding is also removable.”

Nightwing’s backside hasn’t been lost on the character inside the comic books either, as you can see from this incredible moment below.

© DC Comics

Here for it.

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