NYC Queer Creative Patrick Church launches e-commerce boutique

Patrick Church, one of our NYC Queer Creatives, has launched an online platform to host his unique, hand-painted collection of clothing.

A riot of bold and playful looks, the collection of 130 hand painted pieces is the artist’s first offering of a complete body of work. Each piece bursts with colour and character, entirely unique.

Aspects of the human form are heightened with an infectious sense of fun and humour, yet continuously underpinned by the foundations of Patrick’s technical ability as an artist, first and foremost. Characters are created then re-invented as they become exaggerated and intensified; reflective of the artist’s own obsessive devotion and fascination with portraits.

The importance of story is central to the collection, from a vintage wedding dress to a now illustrated 1970’s leather pantsuit; each piece has its own serendipitous tale to tell. The collection embodies a more grown up approach to Patrick’s unanimous tongue in cheek DIY aesthetic; reflecting the natural progression in his work as a multimedia artist.

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Mentored by Sir Norman Rosenthal, Patrick is a British multimedia artist who has exhibited his work internationally with shows in Portugal, Paris, London, Miami and most recently China. He’s recently adorned the walls of cult London venue Beach Blanket Babylon, created the tour visuals for Hercules and Love Affair and with a collaboration with BLK DNM launching this fall. Patrick has established a distinctive voice for himself derived from an embedded fascination with the human form.

You can see Patrick’s full collection here, and read more about him in our free NYC Pride Guide here.



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