Find out which signature stage character you’re supposed to be with this exclusive quiz

We, like you, just can’t resist a good show tune.

If it’s not the glitzy costumes then it’s the incredible singing or huge spectacle of a West End theatre.

But this got us thinking… who are we? Not literally, but character wise. Which signature musical character are we most like. Well, we’ve the answer!

Gay Times partnered with Encore Radio to bring you a theatrical personality quiz.

So whether you are as Popular – gedditt? – as Glinda, as handsome as stage hunk Link Larkin or maybe as selfless as Jean Valjean – you can find out now – with 33 different character – from 19 different shows, in this exclusive Gay Times quiz.

Encore Radio helps you get through the day and feed your stagey fix as they play musical theatre allllll day long. It basically turns your life in a 24/7 musical.

Click below to stage centre and find out which West End star you are…



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