The first Eurovision 2018 contestant has been announced…

VRT/Bas Bogaerts

Even though the final’s a whopping 225 days in the future, Eurovision organisers have revealed the first competitor to book their flight to Lisbon next May.

Those of you moaning about Christmas aisles appearing in supermarkets will be forgiven for looking unimpressed.

Hoping to capitalise on this years’ 4th place finish, waffle-loving Belgium have sensationally revealed the participation of Laura Groeseneken – a keyboardist, vocalist and, importantly, a Visual Merchandiser for IKEA. Which is possibly the most Eurovision combination ever.

In her spare time Laura’s working on a solo career and writes music under the name Sennek.

We’re not sure what track she’ll bring to the contest, but a quick flick through her YouTube channel shows promise.

And her favourite Eurovision entry of all time? Dana International’s Diva.

We may have found a fan favourite already.



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