Jane McDonald talks first ever album of original music

© David Charles

Forget anything on Netflix, the TV event of the year has been Cruising with Jane McDonald.

Each week, she sniffs around a cabin, probably has a cocktail and a sausage, and ends the episode with a surprise cover song. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for Jane’s take on Rihanna’s Rude Boy.

Anyway, in the final part of our interview with the queen of cruising, Jane tells us about her increasingly busy lifestyle

So later this year, you’re releasing your first ever album of self-penned songs. Why is now the right time for you to do this?
Well, for one thing I’ve got enough songs now! And I don’t quite know what’s happened, but sometimes in life everything just seems to come together. And this is the year it’s all come together for me.

I’ve never been as busy and I’ve never enjoyed myself as much as I am right now. It’s just the best time of my career right now.

But when you get a day off, what do you do?
I’m usually catching up on stuff. If I have a day off, I’ll probably make it a family day so I’ll go and have a cup of tea with my mum – you know, take her a scone and have a good old catch-up.

Then I’ll go out shopping with [my partner] Ed, which I never do because I’m always too busy doing something else! And I’ll spend twice as much as I should because I’m the type who doesn’t just get what’s on the list. I’ll say, ‘Ooh, I do like the look of that – we’ll try that.’

Where do you do your shopping?
I do my shopping at the home food.. what do they call it, farm? Farm shop? Ooh, my memory’s going. Anyway, then I’ll probably have a lovely meal and a box set night.

But my house does look like the church’s second hand sale right now because I’ve got rails of clothes everywhere for cruises that I’ve got to do. It’s crazy right now, but a very exciting time for me.

Cruising with Jane McDonald concludes tonight at 9pm on Five.



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