Sink your teeth into Aly and AJ’s fangtastic video for Take Me – watch here!


Where’s Buffy when you need her? 

Pop duo Aly and AJ are embracing their inner Darla and Drusilla in the vampy new music video for their comeback single – Take Me.

The clip follows vampires Aly and AJ as they feast on several innocent bodies whilst they seductively sing/question “when you gonna take me out?”

We’re no experts, but eating somebody probably isn’t the best way to get them to take you out… Or is it? Have we been doing this wrong?

When they sang: “I know that you would want it, if I could sink my teeth into you,” we didn’t know they meant it literally. But hey ho, it made for a darn good video.

Take Me is the lead single from the duo’s upcoming EP, Ten Years, which marks their first body of work since 2007’s Insomniatic, which spawned the flawless fan favourite pop anthem – Potential Breakup Song.

Watch the video for Take Me below.



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